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February 17, 2011


Seo Pressor updates the score every time you click save draft

Seo Pressor updates the score every time you click save draft

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    Pleasure James! I suspect you’d do fairly well with real long tails (those that Google misses in their keyword tool etc. etc.); combine those with the Amazonian Profit Ranking plan and utilize SEO Pressor. I can’t help but feel this would be a winning combo. Only problem being that its very time consuming, as we know. But there is absolutely no doubt that long tail kwd combo’s are where the money is at with regards to a “buyer’s mind”, and there are so many untapped gold mines out there just waiting for some attention.

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    SEO Pressor has modified the way I handle all my SEO clients. It is actually a need that SEOPressor be set up for me to do their SEO. As you may already know, on-page SEO is very essential. Most of the fly-by-night SEO organizations put HUGE concern on off-page SEO or crap-links.

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    I’ll hang in this case (I had sought him) meta description, containing properties that provide HTML minute explanations of each of the pages of web content / details, are used by the search engines results page for provide organic infiltration “, a preview of what the page contains.

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