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Premium Themes

If you want to use WordPress efficiently, but feels that you have no time or interest in making your own wordpress theme, there is a couple of popular premium themes that really makes your WordPress blogging easyer and more professional. If you are a internet marketer, you have to either make your own themes or go with one of the premium themes, cause you have to make sites that are really outstanding. Premium themes makes your editing faster, cause they have all built-in interface for changing header-pictures and color-schemes, additional navigation bars, more and easyer customization capabilities, and they very often look and work much better than the free themes.

The premium themes cost between 50$ and 200$, but then you can use them again and again on all your websites and blogs without paying more than once, and people would not even recognize that you use the same theme for multiple websites, cause you can change the look of them so easy.

My favourite Premium themes:

  • Jeremy Jared

    Thanks for the tutorial. I got injured in my construction job. I have a family, so I went to school for graphic design, but did not have enough time or money to get the required degree. I went back to construction for money. Soon I had the opportunity to work in the office where I was able to use a few CMS systems. Eventually we went to WordPress, I was very pleased with the flexibility. I was recently laid off, and find myself looking for work. I have been using other peoples themes, and tinkering with them, but I really want to learn to make my own, so I can feel good about it. I will try you tutorial in the next few days. I will let you know how it turns out.
    Thanks again, Jeremy

    • Jonathan

      Hello and thanks for the comment! I agree that WordPress is the best CMS when working with common websites and blog / newspaper style websites. WordPress is also suitable for the most small and middle sized companies, especially now days when they have made it this flexible. The tutorial is really basic, so I think that you quite easy can follow it! I made it first for internal use in our company, but then I thought, why not make it public? Feel free to ask if there is something that you don’t understand (I’m Swedishspeaking, my English is not that god:) ). I personally prefer to go with premium templates nowdays for the most of my sites, but sometimes there is no theme that suits your needs, and then a quite simple and good solution is to make an own one! You will learn a lot about WordPress while making it! Btw, Feel free to share a link to a page were you use your new template so I can see how my tutorial is working..:) // BR Jonathan

  • Edie Sabala

    What theme are you using? I found one like it on Google but I can’t find the exact one… can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

  • Ally

    people said Theme MX is very SEO friendly..btw do you have any other recommended SEO friendly theme?? Theme MX is quite costly..:)


  • jastin ben

     The tutorial is really basic, so I think that you quite easy can follow
    it! I made it first for internal use in our company, but then I thought,
    why not make it public?

  • Harrold Wickers

    I’d rather make and design my own theme though. I just love the feeling of having something that you’ve accomplished. But those tutorials are easy to follow. And very helpful for the newbies too.

  • nottingham

    Traction theme is not so costly like the Mx one so perhaps better to try it out too.

  • Iphone Home Automation

    It sounds good!

  • Adam Wilks

    I guess if it’s quality you’re looking for, there has to be money involved in it.

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