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Illustration 14: The template can be styled with backgrounds and pictures

Create a stunning WordPress template (theme) from scratch

Create WordPress template

Here I tell you in a simple way how to create a fully functional WordPress tempate, or theme, that we also call it.
Start with installing a standard wordpress blog on a hosted server, on your own server, or on you’r local computer using wamp or xamp (Instructions for how to install and configure Xamp or Wamp). Benefits with using a local installation as Xamp or Wamp is that you do not have to move the files to internet with a FTP program every time you have changed something in your theme-files. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to set up the wordpress installation and you can not use the wordpress installation right away for starting to publish articles, you will have to get a webhotel anyway when you want to go live with your website. I often order the webhotel and install wordpress there, starts to make my theme there, integrate it with plugins and multilingual configurations right away if that is needed. I choose to not show the website for google before it is as ready as it needs to be for people and searchengines to find some interesting information there. Read moreRead more

dude sitting in sofa installing wordpress

Guide for installing wordpress

WordPress is the most used blog-platform when using your own domain. And that is because it is simply the best. It is also very easy to install and use. Here are the installation steps that you need to do for getting an own fantastic WordPress blog.

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