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You can contact me at

You can also use some of the social media channels that i presented to you on the About-page. (I prefer Twitter and Facebook, they are used almost daily)

A third option is to use the comment form on this page, I see all the comments, and if you do not want it to be published, just write that in the end of the comment and I will not publish it. Please allow me to wait up to 48 hours before responding to your comments or mails. I answer everything that is not considered as spam or just plain link-gathering.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Re Ardestani

    I am learning theming. Is there any problem if I download your free theme and put it as a basis for my job and start to edit with my css and other things?
    If I can create a nice theme from your free theme, can I sell it with my name?
    thanks in advance

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