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google rankings in wordpress back end

Show Google rankings in WordPress back end

Today I installed a plugin that will show the Google rankings for a bunch of keywords over time, straight in the WordPress backend. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I would even pay for it, but the plugin called “SEO Rank Reporter” is completely free and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory. Read moreRead more


SEO pressor plugin for OnPage optimization

Daniel Tan has made a WordPress plugin called “SeoPressor”. It is a plugin that helps you with onpage optimization on your WordPress blog or website. It does not include any offpage optimization functions, such as link building, keyword research or autosubmitting posts, it is just onpage help for you. No matter if you have made your WordPress template yourself, or if you have a free or premium template, you still need some onpage optimization for getting your posts to show up in Google, right? Read moreRead more

The php code in the source will show the posts on the sitemap page

Create sitemap for wordpress

Today I am going to tell you how to make a user- and search engine friendly sitemap for wordpress that updates itself automatically whenever you add a post. First I have to explain a little about sitemaps. There are two types of sitemaps (at least):

  1. Sitemap.xml, this one you can submit to google for fastening your site’s indexing. This is ONLY for search engines, not for users. For this one there is a plugin that automatically creates the sitemap and submits it to Google everytime you update or write a post. The plugin is called google xml sitemap and can be downloaded from here. You only need to activate it, then it keeps your sitemap.xml up to date all the time.
  2. The sitemap page, this is just a page on your site where you list every single page that you have, like this one that I have on my site: The sitemap. This is good for users that wants an overview of your site, but also for search engines, because this works like an internal link-directory, this page contains a link to every page you have on your site. So even if a blogpost is two years old, there will be a link to it just one click away from the front page.

Read moreRead more

wordpress permalink structure

Customizing permalinks for WordPress

I am going to write a couple of articles abot making your wordpress theme and installation more search engine friendly. In this first post I will talk about the URL of the site, the part that you see in your browsers adress-field. By default, wordpress presents your posts with URL:s containing question marks (?) and numbers, and that is not user friendly, neither search engine friendly.

Here is no difference if you have a paid or premium theme, a free theme, or a theme that you have made yourself, the permalink-structure has to be fixed anyway. Read moreRead more