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What is a good web host for WordPress?

You are building your first WordPress sites, and really starting to enjoy it. You want to build more sites, and continue to make them better over the time. Sooner or later you will come to the question, what is a good web host for WordPress? I recommend Bluehost, because they have a very good price/quality ratio. The things a web host has to  has to support for being good is the following: Read moreRead more

wordpress permalink structure

Customizing permalinks for WordPress

I am going to write a couple of articles abot making your wordpress theme and installation more search engine friendly. In this first post I will talk about the URL of the site, the part that you see in your browsers adress-field. By default, wordpress presents your posts with URL:s containing question marks (?) and numbers, and that is not user friendly, neither search engine friendly.

Here is no difference if you have a paid or premium theme, a free theme, or a theme that you have made yourself, the permalink-structure has to be fixed anyway. Read moreRead more

dude sitting in sofa installing wordpress

Guide for installing wordpress

WordPress is the most used blog-platform when using your own domain. And that is because it is simply the best. It is also very easy to install and use. Here are the installation steps that you need to do for getting an own fantastic WordPress blog.

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