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About the site Professional WP templates

This is a website where I upload everything i learn about theming in WordPress. I work with theaming almost every week, and I will update this site whenever i learn something new that someone else also could use. I saw a couple of sites on the internet that descibes theaming, but they are all too intense, or to basic, and hard to follow. I try to structure this site so that the newbies and more skilled WordPressers all can follow.

Who am I?

Jonathan wake-boarding in Greece

Jonathan wake-boarding in Greece

I am Jonathan, I am working for Genero Digital Agency in Finland, as a web developer making WordPress and Drupal sites for commercial use. I also write articles in a Swedish blog about internet marketing. I like Kitesurfing and snowboarding very much, and also traveling with my wife. My mother-tongue is Swedish, but I speak English and Finnish also.

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